Visualizing women’s rights a training discover you creativity!a.

25 ديسمبر

Info design, images, animation, and mapping are kinds of visual tolls we can use to intensive

feynan - Candle lights

candle lights in feynan Ecolodge

advocacy for women rights campaigns. During a very inspiring three days with

visualizing women’s rights team in feynan – Jordan, I was lucky to participate in a such creative training.

I knew before, that this training is aiming to learn activists to think in a creative ways for their issues, but when I had the chance to participate I found that my background was very poor according to what the training team provided.

I consider that info design the track which most of time I participated in was really  surprising  me. In Egypt there is always a problem with information, to get information, to understand information, with info design we not only simplified information but also call audiences to engage with information, by calling their questions and comments to the states of right


think about rural women health education work rate could be?a

how much woman's domistic roles could wearth?a

how much woman's domestic roles could wreath?a


Images & animations track was also surprising especially when I saw other participants create their animations by them selves, a quick fantasy animations on marital rape and deluge skills were produced.

Images can tell more than words and speeches , this is one of facts visualizing women’s rights prove.., in this training we learned how to chose supportive images and how to use it to advocate for our cases.


Mapping was the third track., although it looks a very difficult track, but how much we need to learn how to use mapping in our work .., I consider mapping as a resources  collection tool in a very easy and eye catching way, it is a kind of a guide to references, data with a comparative reading

mapping is a resources collection


The most magnificent fact that  a such training can discover the individual  creative potentiality  to the all interested participants, and add a new perspective to freedom of expression.

I came back to my foundation with lots of ideas to put visualizing our campaigns as common element in our programs, such as women being judge in Egypt Cedaw and equality with reservation, and women day by day.

A video spot  with Stephanie the executive director of visualizing women’s rights speaking about the importance of info design as visualizing tool to strength a advocacy

how to visualize your campaign video spot


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